4 Spring Jacket Styles All Men Should Own

Outerwear is the last thing you want to think about in the spring-summer season, but it remains a staple in semi-casual and formal settings. We see how winter jackets can be downright stifling in this season and raise the perfect solution: transitional jackets over Mordecai’s sweat-proof undershirt and your summer top.

Here are some transitional jackets for your consideration.

1. Overshirt

Why buy another jacket for this season when you can replace it with a button-down? That’s a rhetorical question, but there’s no rhetoric in outwear, not at least in this weather. Hence, we’ve suggested this solution to ensure your comfort.

Don’t get us wrong, our anti-sweat undershirt is more than capable of ensuring your comfort, but wouldn’t it be nice not to be weighed down by a jacket on your way to work? It’s not like you only have to contend with layers; commuter trains and buses can be quite stuffy and overcrowded.

2. Denim Jacket

If you must wear a jacket, denim is not a bad place to start. A nice, high-end denim jacket can last you quite a while. You could buy yourself a jean jacket inspired by workwear, all faded and stretched, or a millennial jacket, all dark and broody.

Wear this outerwear over your work shirt or hoodie. We don’t recommend wearing jeans over jeans but don’t let us stop you from trying the combination. As we said, denim comes in many shades, and you can mix and match until you get the pairing right.

A Man Wearing a Faded and Ripped Denim Jacket Over a Pink Hoodie with White Drawstrings

3. Bomber Jacket

Bomber or flight jackets are staging a return in preparation for the Top Gun sequel. The jacket never really went out of fashion, but it did take a backseat over the years, getting replaced by its modern iterations.

Now that it’s back, you can wear it no matter the season, especially if it’s got a removable fur collar. Unbutton it, and you’re ready for the spring-summer of 2022.

4. Blazer

A sports coat or blazer is the perfect springtime jacket. It’s got a soft shoulder, not to mention a silhouette that has defined men’s fashion for more than a decade. You can contrast a blazer in slate gray, charcoal gray, navy blue, or a similarly dark shade with a lighter shirt and olive-green pants.

You can also opt for some pattern on your blazer. For instance, a faux-twill pattern without any of the knitwork would make your ensemble interesting yet light, helping you avoid discomfort.

Do you know what else prevents discomfort? Men’s designer undershirts by Mordecai. Buy a white sweat proof undershirt for men for every day of the week, and you’ll never have to be uncomfortable in your skin. Go about your day without letting the heat wear out your signature scent.

Reach out for further assistance or feedback about our slim fit sweat proof undershirts for men.

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