5 Types of T-Shirts All Men Should Own

T-shirts are a wardrobe staple, but that doesn’t mean you should get the same style in seven different colors for every day of the week. First things first: stay away from t-shirts that can’t hide the top of your sweat-proof v-neck undershirt.

Here are some we believe you could wear to every occasion.

1. Crewneck

A crew neck t-shirt has a simple round collar that may get stretched across multiple washing cycles. It’s a classic top for men, one they’re likely to wear anywhere, from the workplace to the beach.

You can wear them with a pair of jeans, deciding what kind you want to wear for the occasion. You won’t have to worry about your slim-fitting crewneck being too casual.

2. V-neck

The v-neck t-shirt owes its name to its v-shaped neckline. The V itself can be as deep or shallow as you want. If you’re wondering, you can wear a v-neck t-shirt over our incognito undershirt, as the latter features a deep v-neck.

These shirts are perfect for date nights, but you can also wear them under a leather jacket when coming to work on an unseasonably warm weekend.

3. Henley

There’s something about the henley that makes the wearer look simultaneously comfortable and manly. Its most important feature is the y-neck created by the buttons at the top, which are usually left unbuttoned as they are more aesthetic than functional.

You can wear a henley to work with chino pants or khaki shorts if you’re working from home. Wear a short-sleeved henley over a blazer if you’re going with the former. That way, you’ll be cool and comfortable despite the additional layer.

4. Polo

Polo shirts are like henley shirts but with a collar. They’re just a little more formal than basic tees and have made several appearances on tennis courts and golf courses. The addition of the collar is quite useful in making them suitable for formal, semi-casual, and casual occasions.

It also helps that this tee is suitable for all body shapes. You can wear it under a blazer at an indoor party and over an undershirt when out and about.

5. Pocket

The pocket t-shirt is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an otherwise regular collared shirt with a small breast pocket at the left-hand side that has no use whatsoever. It’s sewn there for purely aesthetic reasons and just the item you need to diversify your t-shirt collection.

It would be remiss of you not to pair any of the above t-shirts without our White sweat-proof undershirts. Head over to the Mordecai online store to place an order for a slim fit sweat proof undershirts for men in your size, and you can wear your t-shirts at least multiple times before feeling the need to wash them.

Check out our FAQs for any queries regarding men’s designer undershirts.

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