A Confident Man: Steps to Building Confidence Quickly

A Confident Man: Steps to Building Confidence Quickly


Confidence is knowing that you can walk without your hands in your pocket. It’s walking across a room, head held high instead of low, and shoulders straight, not slouching. Confidence is letting your appearance and body language do the talking.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to building confidence, from setting goals to treating yourself to a Mordecai men’s designer undershirt.

Set Achievable Goals 

How can you expect others to find you self-assured and poised if you can’t even fulfill the promises you make to yourself? You can’t be a confident man unless you set realistic goals and make plans to reach them.

Start small by writing down one goal per day and then set out to achieve it. It could be something as small as waking up a tad earlier; it's even better if it’s something that helps you have a more organized day.

Once you start walking the talk, you’ll be surer of yourself, and so will those around you.

Look After Yourself

Your physical health can affect your mental health and vice versa. Staying fit is not optional if you want to keep the negative feelings at bay. Fitness is not just about looking good but also making sure everything is as it should be with your body. 

A half-hour of exercise every other day can increase blood flow, which keeps your heart pumping. It also releases feel-good hormones and prevents stress and depression from taking root. 

Start with strength training exercises if you don’t want to venture out to a gym. The healthier you get, the more motivated you’ll be to get out of your house for some cardio.

man in black long sleeve shirt and black pants carrying black dumbbell

See Where You Stand Now

See where you stand now by looking at your past achievements. Reminiscing the highest points of your life can help you achieve body language that reflects your accomplishments and motivates you to do better. 

Take some time to write down your achievements in a journal. That way, you won’t have to think at all. You can recall them by whipping out your journal.

Give Yourself a Makeover

Body language can only go so far if your appearance is subpar. You cannot sell a confident aura if you can’t even take some time out of your day to shave and comb your hair, maybe rub some pomade over it.

As for your clothes, try to strike the perfect balance between casual and formal. That’s not trying too hard; it’s just basic etiquette when meeting a business contact or a date for lunch or dinner.

Finally, ensure you emit the aura you’re exuding by wearing an anti-sweat undershirt by Mordecai underneath your clothes. Stay comfortable, and don’t let the heat get under your skin by wearing an undershirt that uses real silver to protect your body from the summer heat.

Reach out for questions and comments about our sweat-proof v-neck undershirt.

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