Exploring Versatile Staples for Year-Round Wear

In the age of the capsule wardrobe, it can be quite difficult to whittle down your professional wardrobe to the bare essentials. The trick is to keep articles you’re likely to wear all year long. That goes for everything, be it outerwear like coats, attire like suits, or undergarments like the men’s designer undershirt by Mordecai.

Tick these items off your list to sort out your capsule business wardrobe.

Suits and Blazers

No matter what anyone says, blazers must never replace suits. There’s just something about the latter that speaks of power and leadership. If you’re in that position, you must have a rotation of suits in your collection.

Include one suit in all of the most popular colors, including charcoal gray, navy blue, tan, dark brown, black, etc.


Shirts are a staple, whether or not you’re looking for business casual or casual attire. You must have a rotation of button-downs in checkered, plaid, striped, or plain patterns and mix them up with some henley and polo shirts on days when you feel like a blazer would be more appropriate.

Think office picnics, Christmas parties, or coming into work on your days off.

Finally, keep things minimalistic by getting one of each and splitting them up in light and dark colors.

Different Dress Shirts on Clothes Hangers

Trousers and Jeans

Gone are the days when men used to only wear dress pants to work. The post-pandemic era is all about comfort. More specifically, what you feel comfortable in. If you’re comfortable in dress pants, you can get a pair each to match your suits.

Or you could limit the number of dress pants you buy and mix them up with two pairs of jeans (black and blue) and a couple of tan chinos.


Ties are the sorts of staples you wear at least once a year, regardless of the season. They’re more a form of etiquette than anything else. However, that doesn’t mean you should do a half-hearted job when buying them.

Tie shopping is a tedious process. We would suggest steering clear of pin-ups. Those take a second to put on, which is more of a bad thing than a good thing. Show everyone that you’ve put some effort into your wardrobe by getting professional ties. Get at least five, and ensure they go with all your outfits.

Sweat-Proof White Undershirts

You may have various reasons for wearing undergarments, but do any of them have to do with discouraging sweat stains and not letting the odorous bacteria get on your clothes? If yes, anti sweat undershirt for sale is the solution you’ve been missing.

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Check out our FAQs for any questions about our sweat-proof V-neck undershirts.

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