Fashion Comebacks: Men's 80's Fashion Trends You Should Try Today

The 80's failed to stick around for all their bomber jackets because the overarching theme was color, and that's not how most men prefer their business-casual or formal attire. But what if we told you, you could still rock some of them in 2022?

Keep your slim fit sweat proof undershirts for men on and know how to look fashion-forward in '80s fashion.

Oversized Sweaters

The 80's were marred by everything baggy, from top to bottom. It seems that the only thing men liked more than ugly sweaters were ugly sweaters two sizes too big over jeans too baggy.

There's nothing wrong with wearing a baggy sweater in 2022, but we suggest toning down the loud patterns better suited to upholstery than people. Instead, wear a large plain or checkered sweater with a pair of shorts, skinny jeans, or wide-legged pants on casual Tuesdays.

Bomber Jackets

The new Top Gun movie is right around the corner, and so are the bomber jackets we've learned to associate with Tom Cruise's 'Maverick'. Although this jacket dates back to the Great War, it wasn't until the 1986 movie came out that it became great.

The movie helped expand the trend beyond fighter pilots, and its cult status ensured this outerwear's survival in the following decades. The trend's gone through minimal changes over the years, so you can dust off a vintage article that belonged to a relative instead of buying a brand-new bomber jacket.

A Man in a Black Bomber Jacket, Black Pants, and White T-Shirt Standing Against a Graffitied Wall

Power Suits

The Wolf of Wall Street might've jogged your memory where power suits are concerned, but that movie's almost a decade old, and it wasn't as effective as Top Gun in bringing back the trend.

The 80's were a good time for the power suit. The ensemble was tailor made for intimidation. It included:

  • Darker colors like navy blue or black.
  • Striped pattern
  • Wider shoulders
  • Narrower sleeves
  • Button-down shirts
  • Vests
  • Ties

To make this ensemble work in this century, you need to take the vest and tie out of the equation. Since the silhouette is the most fundamental part of a power suit, it won't matter if you swap a button-down for a henley or tunic, as long as your coat follows the memo.

Slogan T-Shirts

Slogan t-shirts never went out of fashion, but they were relegated to dinner dates, concerts, and game nights. Thanks to the increasingly blurred lines between casual and professional, you'll see these shirts worn not just with dinner jackets but also with semi-formal blazers and suits.

2022 is the year to step into your office in an updated power suit over a slogan t-shirt featuring a simple logo, a pop culture reference, or a witty message. As for the heat, ensure your comfort with a white sweat proof undershirt for men by Mordecai. Underline your t-shirt with our designer undershirt and stay fragrant in this sweltering weather.

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