How to Sweat-Proof Your Wardrobe

How to Sweat-Proof Your Wardrobe

Appearance correlates with how people treat you and can even affect career prospects. A report states that better-looking people earn 15% more than others. However, something like excess sweating can ruin your appearance and impact your life.

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis influences wardrobe choices forcing people to forego their favorite fabrics or styles to hide sweat. Fortunately, there are ways to sweat-proof your wardrobe, enabling you to wear what you desire!

  1. Invest in a Sweat-Proof Undershirt

Yellowish sweat stains can show up on dress shirts, making them difficult to clean, which will end up forcing you to throw the shirts out. An excellent way to stop this is to use an undershirt specifically designed to prevent sweat from peaking through the fabric and staining shirts, like the Mordecai sweat-proof sweatshirt. The fabric is infused with real silver and micro modal to fights odors. It also has an impenetrable sweat-proof block under each arm to stop sweat from going through.

  1. Pick the Right Footwear

It’s not always the armpits that have the most sweat; some people sweat excessively from their feet too. Those that deal with sweaty feet will be the first to tell you that some kinds of footwear aren’t suitable to wear. Avoid shoes made of plastic or those that don’t let your feet breathe.

  1. Try Layering 

Try sweat-proof undergarments (underwear, socks, undershirt). It helps minimize the appearance of sweat. Wear a sweat-proof undershirt under your clothes in the summer since too many layers are difficult to wear in the heat. You can layer even further in the winter by putting on a jacket or coat. Experiment with different looks and styles to see what suits you best and doesn’t trigger sweating.

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  1. Skip Antiperspirant

Antiperspirants can cause yellow stains on clothes. When sweat mixes with the aluminum in antiperspirants, they leave behind a yellow tint. Skip the antiperspirant and try natural deodorants free of aluminum and other harsh chemicals. This will prevent any stubborn yellow stains.

  1. Underarm Shields

If antiperspirant is a must-use product in your routine, you can stay away from white clothing and try a sweat-proof undershirt or underarm shields. Underarm shields are sold separately and stick directly to the shirt to prevent staining. They are meant for the underarm, but you can use them on other spots of your body as well.

  1. Try Moisture-Wicking Fabrics 

You might have come across the term moisture-wicking when searching for clothes. Normally, it’s a term used to advertise gym clothing as it wicks away sweat to keep the wearer dry. Such fabrics help athletes because they deal with increased sweat since they exert themselves physically.

Sweat-Proof White Undershirts

Mordecai offers men’s designers undershirt online. The undershirt is truly sweat-proof and eliminates odor as well. Our slim-fit undershirts mold themselves to your skin making them look inconspicuous. They also don’t let any sweat seep through, keeping your outer clothes dry and fragrant. 

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