Undershirts for Men – Why & When to Wear One

Undershirts for Men – Why & When to Wear One

Men splurge on designer undershirts for two reasons: comfort and protection. Some outfits are incomplete without an undershirt. However, you’ll see that these basic white tees always serve a purpose, whether or not your outfit requires them.

Without further ado, here’s why and when you’ll find yourself reaching for Mordecai’s sweat-proof v-neck undershirt.

When You Want Your Clothes to Last Longer

Undershirts help your outer clothing last longer. By adding this layer to your skin, you can protect your clothes from deodorant stains and the inevitable repeated washing.

When you don’t wash your clothes as much, they’re bound to last longer. The only way to spare your dress and professional shirts the repeated washings is to get a high-end designer undershirt designed to handle—you guessed it—repeated washings.

When You Want to Protect Yourself from Itchy Clothes

If you don’t have a clothing allergy, you’re likely dealing with a shirt or tie with a stiff front. Such fronts can take a while and multiple washes to soften, but why should you have to wear them when they’re stretchy and old?

You can make the most of your clothes while still keeping them brand-new by pairing them with an anti-allergic undershirt. Their extra-gentle material is made for the most sensitive skin types, and is strong enough to keep an extra-stiff outfit from irritating you. 

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When It’s Cold Outside

Undershirts aren’t thermals because they don’t have the same fabric composition. Therefore, they may not be sensible thermal wear when it’s really cold outside. However, when it's a little warmer outside, a slim-fit undershirt might be exactly what you need.

Unlike thermal wear, these shirts don’t make you look bulkier. They’re the perfect undergarment if you don’t want to cramp your style (or your silhouette) and stay warm when there’s still a chill in the evenings.

When You Risk Indecent Exposure

Light-colored clothes can often be unintentionally sheer. Therefore, many men choose to wear them with an undershirt. For instance, you can wear a neutral undershirt to avoid letting your chest hair from making shadows over your shirt. In other words, see it as skin coverage for your chest area. 

Also, an undershirt without underarm coverage is no more than a tank top. Make sure you buy one with coverage by the underarm area.

Buy Men’s Designer Undershirt Online 

Visit Mordecai from anywhere in the US to order a sweat-proof undershirt. Select an undershirt in your size and let us deliver it to your doorstep. You can also place a bulk order and pay upfront or with interest-free installments.

Get in touch with our customer representatives for questions and concerns about our anti-sweat undershirt.

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